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Happening People Sales Programs
Enable your people to exceed their sales target
Happening Peoples' sales programs


There are three levels which are designed to your:

  • Branding
  • Culture
  • Industry
  • Outcomes

strength comes from confidence - Happening People


The levels can be structured in any way to meet your organisational needs. For example:

  1. You may like to run one level per year
    so that each person then has a career development plan.
  2. You may like to have the levels delivered
    in trimesters over one year.
  3. Intensive mode - you may like to have the
    program delivered in block days.


The programs we run have been proven over many years in some of Australia and NZ's toughest markets and industries.

The modules in each level are practical and can be applied immediately.


Between each workshop all will be supported with coaching to ensure there is transference of learning back in the workplace.
The sales leader/manager and director also receive one on one coaching and support.

Level One

Increase your sales with Happening People

Level 1 of the Sales Program is the foundations to selling. It will provide structure, shift sales attitude and create interest in professional selling.

  • Understanding buyer behaviour and customer identification.
  • Identify a sales process.
  • Applying good communication with customers.
  • Developing resources and processes.
  • Managing time.

Level Two

Provide the answers with Happening People

Level 2 of the Sales Program builds upon level 1 skills.

This level will help move sales people from a task process to a relationship selling style to achieve tailored results for the client and increased repeat business and increased dollar value for the organisation.

  • Build stronger lasting relationships.
  • Develope confidence in presenting.
  • Shift relationships from 'seller as servant' to processes of discovery and partnership.
  • Confidently tie up the relationships with solutions and agreements.
  • Provide ways to service customers with appropriate contact.

Level Three
Key Account (KA)

Unlock Key Account Potential with Happening People

Level 3 of the Sales Program completes the skill set and knowledge of the program.

Key Account Managers often know their Key Accounts (KA) intimately but sometimes can not see the wood for the trees.

This program will help them build clarity and strategic selling skills. It will build the Sales Business Acumen key accounts expect.

  • Strategically analyse key accounts/s.
  • Manage and plan for the future relationship with the KA.
  • Position themselves as partners to the KA.
  • Demonstrate competitive advantages and value.
  • Build loyalty.
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