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Executive Coaching
Become more effective, efficient, confident and secure in your professional future
Why Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching with Happening People is a perfect option if you have limited time, or confidential plans and challenges and want to take control of your performance. 

o if you have any areas of your professional life where you’re still wishing, waiting or hoping then executive coaching is for you.

Samuel Day (the MD of Happening People) and his team are available for one on one Executive Coaching to people outside of existing clients. 

He has lead this company to consult with 25% of Australia's top 100 companies over the past ten years and helped them achieve Key Performance Indicators in areas such as:


Part consultant, part motivator, part change agent part sounding board and mentor, executive coaching with a Happening People Executive Coach will see you with better results so that you are more effevtive, efficient, happy, confident and secure in your professional future.

Executive Coaching Overview - at Happening People
You will be offered a Happening People Executive Coach to meet your needs and personal style.
Sam Day will talk personally with you about this and match you with the best Executive Coach for you needs.
Our Clients
1. are willing to achieve
2. have challenges at work and need a new     perspective
3. want better strategies and approaches
4. are smarter than those who want better
     but take no action
Our Coaches
1. an intelligent coach
2. an experienced coach
3. a coach with a minimum of 10 years executive     experience
4. a degree qualified coach
5. a coach with new ideas
Your experience
1. a Happening People executive coach who
     listens without judgement
2. a totally confidential experience
3. coaching by phome or face to face
4. lasting strategies and more confidence
5. Happening People guaranteed results
What you will not get
1. someone who calls themselves a life coach
2. someone who has no proven track record in     business
3. someone who has been to the latest guru talk 
     and now has all the 'answers'
There are three Executive Coaching Options

Platinum Coaching

The platinum coaching is delivered over a 12 month period and includes:

• One free introduction session to   understand your environment,   Key Measures and business   needs.

• Plus four hours of executive   coaching over 3-4 sessions.

• 360 degree leadership   assessment and feedback from   team members/customers

• 10 x 15 minute coaching   sessions to
  keep you on target.

• With full access to thousands of online managers resources.

Gold Coaching

The gold coaching is delivered over three months and includes:

• Four hours of executive coaching   over 3-4 sessions.

• 360 degree leadership   assessment and feedback from   team members included.

• With full access to thousands of online managers resources.

Silver Coaching

• 4 x 1 hour sessions.

This months featured Happening People Executive coach - Tina Monk

Happening People Executive Coach - Tina Monk

Since 1989, Tina has worked as an executive coach, career coach, consultant and facilitator working with a variety of organisations, both large and small in the corporate, public and not for profit sectors to assist them to achieve outstanding results.

Her approach to one-on-one executive coaching is targeted at assisting you  to generate your own solutions.

Tina successfully coaches individuals in areas such as, leadership & management development, effective interpersonal skills, dealing with difficult situations, communicating more effectively and precisely, increasing motivation, achieving goals and improving problem solving and decision-making abilities.

Tina will positively impact employee morale, productivity, collaboration and creativity and the organisational bottom line results.

She also challenges people in a way that helps them dig deeper into themselves to draw on inner resources that they may not have previously acknowledged.


Drawing on her diverse background in the social and behavioural sciences, will help you  to focus on and expand your strengths, using a mix of positive psychology and the best of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and a solution focused approach.  This will help you to increase your self awareness and allow you to transform and realise your full potential.

 Tina holds a B.Sc. (Hons) in Sociology from London University and a Postgraduate Diploma in Social Sciences, majoring in Psychology, Counselling and Education (UNE, Armidale).

She is also accredited in the Human Synergistics’ development tools, the Life Styles Inventory, the Group Styles Inventory, the Leadership Impact Instrument and the AMA DISC Model.



Request for
Executive Coaching
simply complete the short form below and we will contact you within 24 hours

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