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Happening People Testimonials

We provide our services to people in many industries and organisations. Below are just some sample comments from our clients.

Project - Management Consulting & Training Project Management
               Channel Seven Network

Through Happening People the Seven Network Sydney implemented a new way to handle call volumes both internally and externally. They managed our biggest telephony project, in readiness for the Sydney 2000 Games, on time.
Some of the results included;

Performance Management and Training

  • A standard approach and image is now offered to all callers when they reach an employees voicemail greeting. Callers no longer return to the switchboard to leave a message freeing the switchboard operators time to answer incoming calls.
  • Increased effectiveness in the operation and improvements to customer service has given customers greater levels of consistency and professionalism.
  • New telephone standards offer callers a professional image. It gives new operators training resources to get ‘up to speed’ quicker and provides for less training down time.
  • Operators clearly understand what is now expected from their new manager and clear guidelines and position descriptions provide a detailed specification for new employees.

Project Management - Enhanced Technology and Vendor Negotiations

  • Happening People managed our telephony and IT suppliers to complete their outstanding contractual obligations so that our site was ready for the Sydney Olympic call volumes.
  • Enhanced database capabilities where implemented to provided more power to meet the needs of the business
Enhanced Internal Processes
  • Significant cost savings are now being achieved by passing the responsibility of calling internal extensions to the users. The users are now able to access other employees’ numbers online through our new system on Outlook Express.
  • A reduced speed of answer for all callers to The Seven Network – Sydney as employees can now be located quickly.
  • Internal caller volumes have also decreased due to changed STD access rules, resulting in greater switchboard capacity.
  • Operators workstations have been standardised making it easier for them to change computer consoles and faster to settle into their workstation to service callers.
  • Effective internal processes have been implemented to maintain a clean database with up to date data.
  • External callers are being answered faster as operators capacity has been expanded.


Cheryl Elvey
Commercial Manager
Channel Seven Network

Project - Performance Management

'We sought Happening People's advice to employ a strategy for our management team to meet their given outcomes. It impacted their performance immediately. They become motivated and took it on as their own. This allowed me to focus more on our strategic direction and less on daily performance issues.'

Paul Williams
National Sales Manager



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